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Minerals are essential to life. Learn more about the AquaOz difference

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More people than ever are now aware of the revitalizing power of AquaOz’s superior mineral supplements. We all need an essential dose of vitamins and minerals a day just to maintain our health. This requirement has been expressed by health experts for many decades. So why now the explosion in AquaOz’s popularity?

The real reason is that AquaOz offers far-reaching benefits that go well beyond such basic needs. In fact, research into the effects of various supplements shows that health boosting minerals offer unique benefits, which range widely from promoting healthy weight management, support of brain and nervous system function, to the support of the heart and other vital organs. Our ionic liquid mineral supplements have an maximum absorption rate vs 3-45% absorption rate of most standard supplements. How is this? All of our minerals are broken down into an ionic form, so your body can just absorb rather than break down everything - significantly increasing absorption and benefit. AquaOz is committed to your health; that's why we offer more savings on shipping and handling than our competitors.

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Not only do we offer the highest quality mineral supplements, we also have a compassionate and skilled team that is focused on quality- so you can improve your daily life. 

Essential For Life

Minerals play exceptionally vital roles in our body, from brain function to creating blood, making sure we obtain all the nutrients we need. 


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