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About AquaOz

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AquaOz- Essential for Life

Today's soils are over farmed and foods are over processed. We are not getting the daily minerals we need for a healthy life.

We want you to feel and see the difference our high-quality minerals can make in you and your family’s daily health.

Our Ionic Mineral Supplements allow your body to absorb an exceptionally higher amount of minerals vs. 3-45% absorption rate of most standard supplements.

Give your body the boost it needs and deserves with AquaOz Mineral Supplements and learn why we are “essential for life.” 

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Why AquaOz?

 It is because of the decline in mineral levels that AquaOz obtains all of our raw minerals in the purest form possible.

 We then utilize our hallmarked processes and mix the minerals with pure water to provide a quality liquid mineral dietary supplement. Studies have shown that only 3 to 45% of all materials contained in pill, capsule and solid forms can be absorbed by the body. The remaining 80 to 97% is flushed out without being utilized by the body.

 What we are providing is a superior alternative solution to help, and promote health. 

If you liked WaterOz, you'll love AquaOz! 

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AquaOz products are made in the United States. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is located in Mebane, North Carolina.

At AquaOz, we are conscious about what we put in our bodies, that's why all of our products are:

- Natural

- Cruelty-free

- Vegan

- Gluten Free

- BPA Free

- Recyclable

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